Mole Valley Life Buses Take on Box Hill

July 2019

On Monday morning, all four of the new Mole Valley Life fleet were up on Box Hill taking in the views and letting people know all about their services. They drew plenty of attention, especially as the brightly coloured fleet travelled in convey around the tight bends.

The distinctive vehicles were seen up and down the hill as some promotional shots were taken for use in future publicity.  The buses normal routes takes those who cannot use public transport all over Mole Valley, with journeys starting at just £4.00.

Councillor Hazel Watson, Cabinet member for Mole Valley Life said on Monday, “It was fantastic to see these buses out and about together this morning as we remind people of all of Mole Valley Life’s services for the vulnerable.  We have social centres in both Leatherhead and Dorking and offer an impressive and growing range of technology that enable’s people with a range of conditions to stay in their own homes for longer.

“Our GPS devices, worn around the wrist as a digital or analogue watch, or around the neck offer an emergency SOS button that when activated, opens the line through to our 24-hour Leatherhead monitoring centre.  One press of the button and a friendly TEC Operator can offer assistance or reassurance through a built-in speaker.

“Designed for vulnerable people, these devices will enable greater freedom and independence for the wearer, whilst giving reassurance to loved ones and carers both inside and outside the home.

“The latest developments from Mole Valley Life include the ground-breaking implementation of Virtual Reality and Tovertafel (A magic table creating moments of happiness for people living with dementia and all those around them), using Technology as a therapeutic engagement activity, where it has an overwhelmingly positive effect and has helped carers and users connect to each other in the sharing of experiences and memories.”

For more information on Mole Valley Life’s services and how they could assist someone you know, see the new website or call 01372 204500.