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Partnering with Tab Care Limited, an emerging technology company, Mole Valley District Council is now offering innovative, digital, voice activated panic alarms at an affordable price.

Discrete and easy to use, these alarms can either be initiated from a Google Home device, or via an App on an Apple mobile phone (android version to follow). Voice enabled, they can be programmed to contact named family members or friends, with just one command or a single swipe on a mobile phone. Once activated, within seconds a text alert is automatically sent to family members or friends via the Tab Care App.

Councillor Hazel Watson, Cabinet Member for Community at Mole Valley District Council said, “This new Tab Care service is ideal for those who are not yet ready for our Mole Valley Independent services, with their direct link to a 24 hour, local call centre, but may just want to be able to contact a family member when in need.

“Mole Valley Life is working on a huge range of services to enable people to stay independent in their own homes for longer and this clever alarm will allow them to do just that discreetly, as it works via the Google Home device. For those that want an easy and discreet link to family members whilst out and about, the new app allows individuals to reach out for help without attracting attention from others nearby.

“More information on these clever devices will be available to see at our Community Safety Day on the 18th March at Dorking Halls.”

Vasu Sarin CEO of Tab Care said, “We are very proud to be working with Mole Valley District Council. This partnership will allow thousands to be able to access digital social care. We have recently been audited by Orcha* and our app was reviewed as the highest rated app for elderly care.”

*Orcha – Organisation of review of care and health applications.
Currently only available for Apple phones, android upgrade soon to follow.


£15.99* a month, including Google Home device
£12.99*, a month without Google Home device (if client already has one)
*One off payment of £69.99 for installation/ training if required.
£1.99 a month phone activated app

See for more information in Mole Valley.

Community Safety Day is on Wednesday 18th March, from 10am – 12noon at Dorking Halls, pre book your place by calling 01372 204500.