Keep Cool and Well

For some people, in particular, the elderly and those who have chronic or severe illness, the health risks during hot weather can be increased. Prolonged hot weather can exacerbate heart and breathing problems, cause dehydration, increase the risks of fainting or falling and worsen the symptoms of asthma.

Here are a some tips to help you keep cool and well in the hot weather:

  • keep out of the sun between 11am and 3pm
  • if you go out, cover your head with a hat or scarf, use sun screen
  • avoid extreme physical exertion, remember to drink lots of water when active
  • limit alcohol as it increases dehydration
  • wear light loose clothing, choose light coloured clothes
  • open the windows in the evening, when it is cool
  • if you have an elderly neighbour check they are ok
  • do not leave pets in cars or conservatories, make sure they have access to water, avoid walking them 11am – 3pm.

NHS Choices provides a lot of helpful and further information on how to be prepared during a heatwave.