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Community Transport

We will pick you up from your home and transport you around Mole Valley. The service operates on a first ...
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Get Social

Have fun, meet people, learn new things. It's great to be an older person in Mole Valley! There are plenty ...
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Stay Independent

Independence, security and peace of mind. Mole Valley Life Independent provides help at the touch of a button 24 hours ...
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Helping you stay independent

Our services are useful for anyone that lives alone, boosting confidence and enabling independence.

It took me a while to get used to the fact that I needed it, because I thought I am not old, but feel safe now."
"From the time you press the pendant this service is superb. Thank you very much"
It is a marvellous service and I feel safe with it."
The alarm was more than useful, it is a lifeline, and I wish all older people could have a lifeline, it's a necessity. I couldn't be without it."

Falls Prevention

Falls are the most frequent and serious type of accident for people aged 65+ and the main cause of disability and death from injury among people aged over 75. Falls can lead to a loss of confidence, reduced independence, increased isolation and can cause long-term health problems. Most fractures in ...
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Stay Safe and Warm

Tips to stay and warm in the winter: Inside and outside, wear thin layers of clothing to trap air.Wear a hat, indoors too if you feel you need it!Don’t be tempted to keep a window open at night, breathing cold air can increase the risk of chest infections so close ...
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Flu Vaccinations

Seasonal flu is a highly infectious disease caused by a virus. It occurs every year, usually in the winter and spread rapidly through coughs and sneezes of people who are carrying the virus. People sometimes think of flu as a bad cold, but having flu is more serious. You may ...
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Fairfield Centre

Come and meet our friendly team who will make you feel welcome and show you around to ease any first day nerves. Located above the Swan Centre in Leatherhead, Surrey and open Monday - Friday 10am - 4pm. The centre houses The Conservatory Club, operated by Mid Surrey Dementia Care ...
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Mole Valley Life
Mole Valley Life1 week ago
Partnering with Tab Care, an emerging technology company, we’re now offering innovative, digital, voice activated panic alarms at an affordable price.

Discrete and easy to use, these alarms can either be initiated from a Google Home device, or via an App on an Apple mobile phone (android version to follow). Voice enabled, they can be programmed to contact named family members or friends, with just one command or a single swipe on a mobile phone.

Once activated, within seconds a text alert is automatically sent to family members or friends via the Tab Care App.

Find out more on our website:
Mole Valley Life
Mole Valley Life2 weeks ago
On Wednesday 18 March Mole Valley’s older residents are invited to attend a free community event to learn more about staying safe in their own home and when out and about.

This will be a chance to hear updates on key safety advice from the emergency services, how to avoid being scammed and to understand which services are available to stay safe and independent.

The guest speakers will include representatives from Mole Valley Life, Surrey Police, Surrey Fire Services and British Transport Police.

Find out more:
Mole Valley Life
Mole Valley Life4 weeks ago
Well done to the residents of Mole Valley who attended our 'New Year, New You' event last week in a bid to keep their New Year’s resolutions intact!

The theme was to get active, spend less time sitting on the sofa and develop core strength which in turn, will improve balance and reduce falls.

We also concentrated on developing a healthy lifestyle (with the occasional slice of cake!) and discovered the wonderful world of Otago. This super strength and balance class featuring 16 specific exercises, is proven to improve stability as we get older and lose vital muscle mass (8% muscle mass is lost per year once we reach the age of 40).

Classes are currently being held in the Fairfield Centre, Leatherhead, the Dorking Christian Centre, and many other locations in Surrey.

If you or someone you know would like to try out Otago, you can find out more:


4 days ago
Vulnerable people are at much greater risk from gas leaks & fires in their homes.

@SGNgas offer a free locking cooker valve so residents are safe & their friends, famil& carers are reassured. #SurreyPrepared
molevalley_life photo
6 days ago
Retain your freedom without your limits.

We've partnered with @Tab_Care to offer you products that suit & support your independent lifestyle.

Find out more about TabHome & TabPhone on our website:
molevalley_life photo
1 week ago
We’re now offering @Tab_Care innovative, digital, voice activated panic alarms at an affordable price.

TabHome allows your family members to easily send a panic alarm from home, via a Google Home Mini, simply by saying, “Hey Google, Panic Tab”.
molevalley_life photo
1 week ago
On Wednesday 18 March #molevalley’s older residents are invited to attend a free community event to learn more about staying safe in their own home & when out and about.

It's free & takes place @DorkingHalls on Wednesday 18 March.
molevalley_life photo