Preventing Nuisance Phone Calls With trueCall

What is a nuisance call? 

This could be any kind of unwelcome phone call you receive in your home, such as market research, debt collection and reverse charge calls. Many of these calls are scams that aim to con people out of money. Instead of you trying to work out what’s genuine and what’s not, a trueCall device will block any unwanted calls automatically.

My mother no longer gets anxious and agitated. I cannot impress on you the positive impact this has made.

How does it work? 

When a call arrives it checks the caller’s number. It will let trusted callers straight through and will ask unrecognised callers to identify themselves by pressing a key or by entering a code. You can see how this works here, or for dementia households here.

How do I get one? 

Call Mole Valley Life on 01372 204500 to speak to one of our friendly, knowledgeable team and arrange for installation.

How much does it cost?

Working in partnership with Surrey and Buckinghamshire Trading Standards, Mole Valley Life are proud to be able to offer trueCall units free of charge to the vulnerable and elderly in our area, to help keep you safe and crack down on bogus callers.

Scam Stopping Success

Since 2013 Surrey and Buckinghamshire Trading Standards have installed 253 trueCall units to protect older and vulnerable people. So far 182,430 nuisance and scam phone calls have been blocked, and we estimate that 206 scams have been prevented.