Remote Monitoring

Independence whilst out and about!

Footprint is a wearable personal GPS location device.

Footprint is ideal for protecting and communicating with vulnerable people – especially those living with dementia.

It’s also great for lone workers and mobile nursing staff. Its aim is to provide security and peace of mind through location information and by the use of a single button to raise an alarm. It also makes and receives calls.


Key Features

  • Link to at least one smartphone to control its use and to receive alerts
  • Connects with up to three telephone numbers to communicate by voice / SMS
  • Fully integrates with professional Telecare systems
  • Sold with a pre-installed SIM card with annual airtime / data plan
  • Works on all UK networks and will choose the strongest available signal
  • Available in four colours and includes an easy to use charging cradle
  • Live website tracking service
  • Listen in feature
  • Waterproof

Our GPS devices can be worn around the wrist as a digital or analogue watch, or around the neck.

The devices offer an emergency SOS button that when activated, opens the line through to our 24-hour Leatherhead, Surrey monitoring centre.

One press of the button and a friendly TEC Operator can offer assistance or reassurance through a built-in speaker.

Designed for vulnerable people, these devices will enable greater freedom and independence for the wearer, whilst giving reassurance to loved ones and carers both inside and outside the home.

“I have my device with me every day. To be honest I don’t even know it’s there. It gives me total peace of mind.”


  • Auto-answer allows monitoring centre to initiate conversations in loudspeaker.
  • Fall-sensor (Pearl+ only) and ‘safety zone’ alerts provide a safety net of independence
  • Receive simple welfare checks and reminder messages, e.g. medication
  • One touch SOS alarm button for help in any emergency
  • Speed dial keys, easily programmed to your choice

How much does it cost?

Monthly cost of £22.50 for Footprint and £25 for the Oyster. This includes installation, monitoring, roaming sim and all calls.

Call 01372 204500 or email for more information.