Hilary’s Story

Hilary first started using the Mole Valley Life Community Transport service in 2016 and is one of our many cherished and long standing clients. Having been diagnosed with cancer, Hilary falls into the very vulnerable group, who need to self-isolate during the Coronavirus pandemic.

When Hilary was booked in to have her radiotherapy treatment at the Royal Marsden Hospital, Hilary was concerned about how she would get to her appointments safely. Due to the volume of passengers using Hospital Transport, Hilary didn’t feel comfortable using this service and equally, didn’t want to use a taxi, as she would be unfamiliar with the drivers. Unsure as to whether Mole Valley Life Community Transport was still operating, Hilary was relieved when we were able to reassure her that our Community Transport service would be able to transport her to all of her appointments safely. Since Hilary’s treatment started, John, one of our Community Transport drivers, has been on hand to take Hilary to her appointments and bring her back safely; always ensuring that the bus has been thoroughly cleaned and that he is wearing PPE, should Hilary need help getting into and out of the bus.

Of Mole Valley Life’s Community Transport, Hilary said, “The service is wonderful. Everyone is always so friendly. It doesn’t matter if it’s the schedulers I speak to when I ring up and book a journey, or one of the drivers. Everyone is so kind, it’s like having a circle of friends.”

John, one of Mole Valley Life’s Community Transport drivers, said, “I have known Hilary for a few years now. Before the Coronavirus pandemic I used to take Hilary to her other medical appointments on the bus. Since we have been in lockdown, myself and the other drivers have been working from home, calling our Mole Valley Life clients to check that they are OK. When the call came in about Hilary, I was delighted to be of assistance, she’s a lovely lady and I have missed helping transport Hilary and our other clients around the district.”

All of our Mole Valley Community Transport drivers have undertaken thorough training to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus and to transport our clients safely. To find out more about our ‘Home to Hospital’ and ‘Home to Doctor’ transport runs, please call 0300 123 7749 to speak to one of our friendly Community Transport Co-ordinators.